Best Weathercaster

Joe Petrovich, Ph.D.
KMOV-TV (Channel 4)

For some reason, television stations market their weathercasters by citing their certification. They're meteorologists. They have this seal of approval, or that. Why they need all that schooling or certification to read what the wire says it will do tomorrow doesn't make much sense, but hey, it's TV news. They know how important weather is. If they put weather or sports on during the first five minutes of the news, how many people would listen to Larry Conners for the final twenty minutes? KMOV's solid weather guy is Joe Petrovich. He's the anti-weathercaster. He doesn't look slick, doesn't tell goofy jokes or make cutesy banter with the anchor. He looks like your neighbor: gray hair, maybe a bit pudgy, and he has an everyman face. But he has a Ph.D. Dr. Joe. If a doctor can't tell you whether to carry an umbrella tomorrow, who can?
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