Best Way to Raise Funds for Eastward Delmar Loop Expansion

Jack Up the Price of Parking Meters

Go to most cities of comparable or larger size than the Lou, and you will find that a quarter in a parking meter will buy you fifteen minutes -- if you're lucky. Yet, pull your rig curbside on the action-packed Delmar Loop, on both sides of the University City border, and a quarter gets you anywhere from a half-hour (St. Louis side) to an hour (U. City). Some even still accept pennies. Sure, many St. Louisans piss and moan about the dissipation of free street parking in the metro area, but, by the same token, so too does many a West Ender bitch about how the U. City end of the Loop gets a disproportionate amount of Joe Edwards' tender loving care. The solution? Jack the price of street parking up to the aforementioned, universally accepted standard; invest the money directly into extending Delmar revitalization east; and off we go! Breach the imaginary dividing line that separates the city and the county -- smack-dab in the heart of the Loop -- and let's work together. Annoying at first? Sure. But in a year or so, you'll forget it was ever a nuisance.

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