Best Waldorf Chicken Salad

Carolyn's A Matter of Taste

Tucked under a black-and-white polka-dot canopy, off to the side of a strip mall on the main street of Ladue, sits Carolyn's, the spot for ladies-who-lunch. The smell of fresh pies, cakes and muffins wafts from the back kitchen of this cozy bistro into the dining room; large crocks of homemade soup stand alongside tureens of iced tea; the pastry, pie and cake counter appears to have been sent straight from heaven. But the true lure, and Carolyn's richest contribution to St. Louis palates, is her low-fat Waldorf chicken salad, made with yogurt, grapes, celery and walnuts. It'll cost you about $10 for a small container -- but it's worth every white-meat chunk. And say hi to the ladies.
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