Best Waffle

The Walkaway Waffle at Tropical Moose Shaved Ice

The Kirkwood Farmers' Market has become such a popular weekend gathering place, even in the off-season, that last winter Jack and Pat Williams, owners of the on-site shaved-ice stand known as "Tro Mo" (for Tropical Moose), decided to experiment with a new seasonal creation: the Belgian waffle. Not just any waffle, mind you. This hot, faintly sweet disc of dough comes dusted with raw sugar and is nothing short of divine. The Williamses never planned to offer the Walkaway Waffle once the weather warmed, but so many waffles were, in effect, walking off, that the couple decided to extend the season. They now sell the waffles at the Tro Mo stand every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to noon, or as long as the batter lasts. For a guaranteed supply, place a Web order ( for a frozen batch. They're just as delicious, even when consumed sitting down.

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