Best Volunteer

Kevin Kline

OK, so he doesn't live in St. Louis, and he's not one of those expatriates who likes to go around singing our praises. When he's plugging his next movie with Ellen or Dave, don't expect Kevin Kline to wax nostalgic about the good ol' days of sledding on Art Hill. But when he was approached about something important, like lending his name to an entire community that cares about theater, it took Kline all of about three minutes to be persuaded that he could volunteer something more important than money. The Kevin Kline Awards were born with rapid speed: one phone call, one question from left field ("Can we use your name?"), one "yes." It was that simple, and St. Louis theater has had an enhanced sense of focus ever since. Anyone who attended the inaugural Kevin Kline Awards ceremony in March could feel the electricity. When Kline returned to town, stood on the Roberts Orpheum Theater stage and choked up, it was pretty clear that he was as touched by all that energy as anyone in the room.
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