Best Vocalist (Male)

Pat Liston

For Pat Liston, next year will mark a quarter-century after the founding of Mama's Pride, St. Louis' answer to Little Feat, though only their die-hard fans know that. The band's two classic albums have been locked in Atlantic vaults for years and still haven't seen proper reissue. Liston's band may yet do another reunion show, but if you want to hear one of the finest country soul singers in the Midwest, you'll have to catch one of his solo gigs (or his acoustic trio, which teams him with Scott Nienhaus and Karen Crawford). Liston has an Irish soul: He wails and moans with Celtic blues, carries an ageless folk melody with his gently rasping tenor (which sometimes recalls Stephen Stills, sometimes Wilson Pickett) and phrases with unrestrained, even torrential emotion.
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