Best Vocalist (Female)

Anna Skidis

Anna Skidis is a terrific actress, but anytime she takes a non-singing role she is wasting her greatest gift. Skidis is blessed with multi-octave pipes that make even the most jaded audiences stand at attention, and she takes advantage of this talent with an excellent understanding of phrasing, enunciation and dynamic control. Her sonorous voice is the perfect vehicle of expression for the characters she plays, and Skidis knows exactly which buttons to push in order to maximize each emotional beat. Best of all, she's never afraid to pervert her instrument when the character calls for it. Midway through Stray Dog Theatre's Evil Dead: The Musical last fall, Skidis flipped her rich mezzo-soprano to a shrill, higher-pitched tone once her character was transformed into a zombie. What didn't (and won't) change is her ability to stop a show with her singing.

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