Best Vocalist (Female)

Maureen Sullivan

Trying to compete with your siblings for approval or attention can put a strain on a family, and there're bound to be untold layers of resentment and hurt feelings. (What, after all, are families for?) So it's all the more remarkable that the Sullivan siblings have pulled a Partridge Family and pooled their musical skills in the country-rock outfit Red-Headed Strangers. Like any good parent knows, it's wrong to play favorites, but lead singer Maureen Sullivan holds the group together with her sweetly sung, twang-inflected vocals. Maureen's vocals helped make the Red-Headed Strangers' debut, Come On In, such a delight, but she lends her talents around town as well. Sullivan takes the lead on "Bottle-a-Day," a standout from Fred Friction's Jesus Drank Wine, and she has been known to perform from the Tom Waits songbook with Jesse Irwin and Grace Basement's Kevin Buckley.

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