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Retro 101

At every good vintage store, there's that thing. A hey-wait-how-weird item that everyone comments upon but no one ever buys. At Retro 101, that thing is a Brooke Shields doll, circa The Blue Lagoon. The doe-eyed, Barbie-size Brooke lives out her tiny days in her original packaging, in a small niche next to Retro 101's basement stairs. We enjoy spending time on all three of the store's floors. Up top is a Grandma's-attic-style wonderland that houses gorgeous retro duds; the main level boasts everything from mid-twentieth-century furniture (think mod couches and chairs) to '60s costume jewelry to kitschy barware. And Retro 101's basement looks like a post-WWII time capsule constructed by the coolest moms on the block: seafoam-green ice cream machines, yards of pretty fabric, cookbooks untouched by politically correct hands (we love Betty Crocker's Cook Book for Boys and Girls), old Life magazines, colored-glass salt <\#213>n' pepper shakers. You'll rarely see the same thing twice at Retro 101—except for the Brooke Shields doll, but her presence is a comfort. In fact, consider her the patron saint of the finest vintage store in town.
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