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Pixie 9 Vintage

A pixie is a mischievous sprite. If you were to encounter nine of them, you'd either be in for a whirlwind of trouble or an eye-popping orgy. Appropriately, then, you'd be apt to find clothes that would lead to both scenarios at the peculiarly named Pixie 9, a skinny, bi-level boutique nestled amid the oak furniture and trinket peddlers of Antique Alley on Cherokee Street in south St. Louis. Here it ain't about quantity (if that's what you seek, see Best Place to Buy Used Clothing), but rather clothing as art. If you were interested in casting a period play set in the '50s or '60s, this would probably be a decent place to turn. For non-thespians, Pixie's vintage racks present the clotheshorse with a delicious middle ground between the whims of modern fashion and thrift-store grunge, both in terms of price and appearance. Not fancy, just fabulous.
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