Best Vintage-Clothing Store

Pixie 9

A good vintage-clothing store requires a delicate balance of quality, selection, price and idiosyncratic personnel. Pixie 9 succeeds on all counts. Opened last year by partners Kay and Janet, whose specialties include clothing from the 1940s-60s, the store especially stands out in its men's selection, going beyond the usual suits and overcoats to provide a wide array of men's shirts and pants, including never-worn dead stock. Their women's selection offers a fine assortment of party dresses, business suits, casual tops and bottoms, and delightful accessories. Prices are reasonable (especially Pixie 9's Western wear, which would garner triple the price in Austin), with shirts available for 15 bucks and suits for about 25, depending on the designer label. Kay and Janet love the clothes and have created an ambience conducive to vintage shopping, willingly providing histories of items or suggestions for the perfect '50s bullet bra to help nature along.
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