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Pixie 9 Vintage

Shopping for vintage clothing is no longer just for the financially, ironically or fashionally addled. Sure, you could get an ugly cowboy shirt at St. Vincent de Paul's for five bucks, but you could get one at Target for that price too. Shopping vintage nowadays is the purest way toward fashion self-expression (provided you can do it before the Gap does it for you). Unlike the majority of the city's utilitarian vintage outlets, Pixie 9 is worth the journey simply for the store itself, a beautifully decorated three-story facility full of pastel-colored rooms in the Cherokee-Lemp Historic District. The store's recent merger with Retro 101 -- which specializes in '50s, '60s and '70s home décor -- provides yet another reason to visit. Come for the fake fur coats, real fur coats, pillbox hats, bowling shirts, men's tweed suits, classic kitchen aprons and old-style lingerie. Stay for the Jetsons-style furniture.
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