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Stan Kroenke

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Obscenely wealthy, diabolically secretive and possessing a sense of ambition to match his bank account, Rams owner Stan Kroenke continues to torment St. Louis over the future of its football team. But the greatest ploy from this toupée-wearing billionaire isn't that he's juggling two different billion-dollar stadium proposals (in St. Louis and Inglewood, California) — but that he's getting local officials in both cities to do his dirty work. Back in February, the Inglewood City Council passed Kroenke's stadium plan without a public vote, and in August a St. Louis judge ruled that the city doesn't need voter approval before spending tax dollars on a riverfront stadium. Basically, Kroenke's got St. Louis by the giblets, and he's going to shake the city coffers and see what falls out. The worst part? We're letting him do it.
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