Best View of Downtown

Sightseeing Riverboat Cruise

We all have our own favorite spot from which to admire downtown. Could be your roof, or a certain point on the highway, or out the window on a flight home. As much as we Arch-gaze, however, it's easy to lose sight of our city's storied history (and let's be honest, how much of said history do you know in the first place?), not to mention the activity that takes place every day along our stretch of the Mississippi. Not only will an hourlong riverboat cruise provide a unique vantage point, but the running narration by your captain will ensure that you'll debark a better-informed citizen than you were when you stepped aboard. If it's nice out, you can sunbathe on one of the boat's decks. When it's less comfortable outdoors, there are shaded spots and an indoor area (with a café). Tours run up to seven times daily in the summer months (less frequently at other times of the year, and not at all December through February). At $14 for adults, $8 for kids under sixteen and free for kids under three, this may be the lowest-priced cruise you'll ever take.

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