Best View of Downtown

Martin Luther King Bridge, headed west

Preservationists may argue that the best view of downtown is to be beheld from the pedestrian lane of the newly renovated Eads Bridge. Wrong. The best view of St. Louis is afforded one upon entering the Show-Me State on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge, just north of Eads Bridge. For one thing, in addition to stunning views of downtown, a trip on the MLK provides a vista of the fabulous 130-year-old Eads Bridge. What's more, the MLK offers the superior northern view of downtown with all its grime and urban decay -- a perspective lost on the thousands of motorists who cross the Poplar Street Bridge south of the Gateway Arch. As for times of day to best take in the skyline on the MLK Bridge, we respectfully suggest sometime between 2 and 5 a.m., on your way back from your favorite watering hole in Sauget, Brooklyn or points beyond.
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