Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Banh Mi So #1 — Saigon Gourmet

Look, Banh Mi So #1 has the best spring rolls in St. Louis. This paper has said so multiple times, and the restaurant itself has a neon sign in its front window proclaiming the truth. But don't overlook the rest of the tiny restaurant's menu: You won't find fresher or more delicious Vietnamese cuisine anywhere else in St. Louis, from a strikingly simple dish like com thit heo nuong (paper-thin charbroiled pork and lemongrass over rice, with a clear, spicy sauce on the side) to the complex seasoning of the tofu curry (which could make a believer of the most devout carnivore). Remember, though, that patience is a virtue. Banh Mi So #1 is a two-person operation, with husband Thomas Truong working the front of the house while his wife Lynne works the kitchen. It might not be the fastest service in town, but oh, Lord, is it worth the wait.

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