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Last year, Movies Unlimited, Maplewood's palace of video excess, carried St. Louis' Best Exploitation Video selection. This year, they take it all, and they've earned it. Depthwise, they've exponentially expanded their selection of disreputable Americana, from the trash classicism of Russ Meyer and H.G. Lewis to the proverbial ruby in the goat's ass, Lemora, Lady Dracula. Breadthwise, they're investing heavily in a Eurotrash aesthetic that links art- and grindhouse, with full auteur runs near-complete (Jos Mojica Marins) and in development (Alejandro Jodorowsky, Walerian Borowczyk), along with choice bits such as Andrzej Zulawski's Possession. Also: new releases, full range of titles in all genres, etc., NO HIPSTER BULLSHIT, and they ordered a copy of Fando y Lis on recommendation. Given St. Louis' history with decent video outlets, you should be renting here now.
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