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Blockbuster Online

Bemoaning the fact that St. Louis has no proper independent video stores, all the indie kids switched over to Netflix a couple years ago. But then they got nostalgic for the brick-and-mortar stores, because half the fun of renting is browsing the new releases. Even if you have no intention of picking up Wild Things 2 (sure you don't; you'll come around!), its mere presence on the shelf is good for a chuckle. Plus, rental-perusal with a first date is a great mate-screening device. No offense to Netflix, but Blockbuster Online offers the best of both worlds: Your mail-order subscription comes with two in-store rentals per month. The program has disadvantages -- like its stores, Blockbuster Online doesn't carry NC-17 fare. But those movies suck anyway, and if you want porn, well, Netflix doesn't have it either.
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