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Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians and vegans are just like the rest of us. They have hopes and dreams, and when you cut them they bleed blood (albeit iron-deficient blood). And every so often they crave hunks of juicy meat. Here in St. Louis, vegetarians overcome their meat cravings at SweetArt, located in the Shaw neighborhood. SweetArt has mastered oxymoronical creations such as a vegan Philly cheesesteak and a vegan sausage breakfast burrito. The flavors, aromas and textures of the café's PETA-approved menu items could satisfy and fool the most vehement carnivores. And if you haven't had one of the bakeshop's cupcakes (many of which are vegan), you've been denying yourself a true St. Louis treat. But what really defines the spirit of SweetArt is the couple behind it, Reine and Cbabi Bayoc. Reine reigns over the kitchen, putting heart and soul into everything she cooks, whether sweet or savory. The café/bakery does triple duty as a gallery; its walls are lined with Cbabi's lively and colorful artwork. The only way to get the whole picture is to visit the place yourself — just make sure you go Wednesday through Saturday. SweetArt's closed Sunday through Tuesday. Hey, vegans are just like the rest of us: They've got lives too!

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