Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Shangri-La Diner

We're gonna live forever; we shall feast like kings. For the rest of our many, many days, we shall indulge in beans, tofu, salmon, whole grains, broccoli, fruit and little else save the occasional baseball-size iced cupcake made with real butter and sugar. Our mortal shells shall reap the benefits of all these nutrients and proteins, these healthy fats and complex carbs. Our moral selves shall rest easy in the knowledge that such a diet is about as vegetarian-friendly as you can get at a restaurant in St. Louis. That restaurant is Shangri-La, where owner Patrice Mari keeps things whole and healthy, from the vegan pulled-pork sandwich (made with texturized vegetable protein) to the vegan scrambled tofu. And should we opt for the real-milk milkshake on occasion, we can atone with a four-day fast: Shangri-La is only open Thursday through Sunday.
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