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Finding truly vegetarian restaurants in any city -- let alone a Midwestern meat-and-potatoes city like St. Louis -- is a daunting task. Fortunately, it's a lot easier than it used to be for non-meat eaters to find something more appetizing than an off-the-menu plate of rice and steamed vegetables. But Tangerine doesn't just nod to vegetarians, it caters to them. Though chef Blake Brokaw's hipoisie haunt recently added a small list of meat dishes to its roster, the main menu remains all-veg, anchored by favorites such as the heavenly chicken-fried portobello mushroom served atop homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. The mushroom stroganoff will still stick to your ribs just as satisfyingly as the newly added meatloaf. We don't know what kind of long-term karma consequences Tangerine might be in for now that they've added meat, but for our money it remains the best place in St. Louis to eat vegetarian.
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