Best Vegan-Friendly Brunch

Black Bear Bakery

Vegans dreamin' of a steamin' weekend feast would do well to head toward Cherokee Street for the neighborhood brunch at Black Bear Bakery. Each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., the bakery's staff — which collectively owns and operates the establishment — serves up French toast, egg casserole, biscuits, mushroom gravy and homemade apple butter for the vegetarians. But vegans have options too: potatoes (fried and seasoned); kale or collards (sautéed and steamed), hearty buckwheat pancakes, mixed fruit and salad. Twenty-five-year-old Chris Scheetz, who does a lot of the cooking on Saturdays, says he'll use whatever produce he can get his hands on. Sometimes that means harvesting what's in season from the garden across the back alley. At $9 for all you can eat ($10 with coffee), another demographic may also enjoy this brunch: call us the locavoracious.

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