Best Vagabond Theater

After Midnight

The dearth of good playing spaces in this town is kinda like the weather. Everybody likes to complain about it, but nobody does much about it. Except for After Midnight, or Midnight Theatre Company, or whatever they choose to call themselves from show to show. Call them what you like, it's Joe Hanrahan and David Wassilak. Although earlier this year they staged an intriguing Ballad of Jesse James in a bleached-out setting at Technisonic Studios, these guys are more akin to Will Rogers than to Jesse, because they never met a playing space they didn't like—or at least that they didn't try to make work. The Ballad was at Technisonic, other plays were staged at HH Studio in Maplewood, and last month ThomPain (based on nothing) found a home at Caf Balaban. No one's knocking comfortable seats and good sight lines, but kudos to a homeless fringe theater in which the challenge of the locale becomes a part of the experience.
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