Best Ushers

Jeanna and Kelsey

The once-noble position of movie theater usher seems to be going the way of the farrier and court jester. Apparently nobody told Jeanna and Kelsey, the two teenage ushers who tended the over-long line at the AMC Creve Coeur 12 during the midnight premiere of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, that all they were expected to do was tear tickets and point to the main theater. The faithful began lining up at 6 p.m., hungry for Jedi action. (The geeks were there at 4 -- or so we heard.) Jeanna and Kelsey also suspected (correctly) that we were hungry for hot dogs, which they ferried from the snack bar via a large cooler so no one lost their hard-won place in line. As the night wore on and the line wrapped around the parking garage, the duo continued to work the crowd, laughing at lame Star Wars jokes, taking photos of the costumed and running drinks. They also broke up several light-saber duels, even though they were unarmed. (The Force is strong in them indeed.) As curtain time drew nigh, they performed an impromptu song-and-dance routine that urged us to enjoy the show and implored us to not ruin the evening for our neighbors. For the hot dogs and cold drinks we thank you. For the song and dance we laud you. And for demanding that the audience behave as if in a theater and not in their own living rooms, we exalt you. To Jeanna and Kelsey, the best ushers to ush in 2005.
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