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Hut No. 8

We're just going to say it: Hut No. 8 is the best-kept secret in resale clothing for men and women. The shop brings a boutique experience to a retail segment that doesn't usually get a lot of love, and it completely eliminates the "Ew, used?" assumption that scares prissy folks away from exploring the wonderful world of secondhand goods. Hut No. 8's warm wall colors and hardwood floors welcome you into a space that's cozy without feeling cramped, and you'll think you're walking through a rainbow when you see the racks of clean, well-organized dresses, pants and T-shirts in Roy G. Biv order. By the way, the store only curates modern, fashionable items in excellent condition — no ripped seams or wonky zippers on "vintage" apparel from 2008 here. Once you find your goodies, take them to the back where your dressing room is outfitted with a true-to-life mirror, a bench and plenty of space to twirl around in that skirt that feels like it was made just for you. Sincere compliments and even a bit of personal shopping from the attentive clerk complete the experience.

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