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Retro 101

In Pretty in Pink, lovesick Jon Cryer tells experimental fashion plate and BFF Molly Ringwald, "This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing." Ringwald's character, who thrives on combining pieces from different fashion eras, easily could have found her duds at Retro 101. The Cherokee Street store is the source for eye-catching, notable vintage stock and accessories from across the decades. Looking for a mod A-line skirt straight out of That Girl? What about a marching-band jacket that used to belong to a trumpet champion? Perhaps a collection of brightly colored bowling shirts with "Jim" sewn on the chest is more your style? Whatever your aesthetic, Retro 101 is jammed with variety for both ladies and gents. Bonus: The owners gently launder each piece before putting it out on the rack, ensuring that you'll only look like you snagged Great-Grandma's favorite dress, not smell like it.

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