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CD Reunion

In a nondescript strip mall in the heart of north county lies one of St. Louis' best-hidden musical secrets. CD Reunion has been in business for some twenty years (counting its previous life as the Record Reunion), and like all good music stores it still has a solid base of loyal customers. Never mind the faade, CD Reunion is mighty welcoming inside, jampacked with all manner of used (and some new) CDs of every genre. And the prices are right: $8 per or less, mostly. If the CDs aren't enough to seduce you -- and they should be -- perhaps the equally impressive selection of quality used vinyl, cassettes, DVDs and VHS tapes will. Virtually everything in the store is for sale, from the posters on the wall to the amazing collection of vintage buttons. Finally, how can any red-blooded St. Louisan resist a store that offers a perpetual J.D. Blackfoot special (buy one of J.D.'s CDs, get a J.D. T-shirt for half price)?
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