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It behooves us to mention up-front that the Book House no longer has a house, and that it will be missed forever. Forever. But from the ashes of the past the Book House arises from the brink of death in a new location. It's smaller, and that big room of kids' books is now on the left instead of the right, but much of what made the house great has been retained. Like that kids' room, for instance. The local-interest section still bursts with great titles, the sci-fi section stretches a good distance (and has fewer multiples of the same books), and the fiction department looks taller — which might be an optical illusion wrought by the higher ceilings. What's not illusory is the store's expanded event calendar, which features book signings, reading sessions for the kids (and that Where's Waldo party the store hosted in July) and the occasional musical performance. And while this award is for used books, the Book House regularly stocks and special orders new titles as well — keep that in mind on your next visit.

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