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Dunaway Books

You could never venture beyond the first floor of Dunaway Books and still be happy with its selection of used books: shelf after shelf of fiction classic, contemporary and popular; memoir and biography; cooking and children's books; not to mention the rare and antiquarian selections. But once you've explored the sprawling basement level, you might swear off all other used-book stores forever. Here are seemingly never-ending rows of history, travel, sciences both physical and social. There are even graphic novels and media tie-in books. (Star Trek novels, that sort of thing. It's OK. Hold your head high.) Dunaway's website catalogs its collection of 100,000-plus titles if you must know whether a particular book is available. But 99 percent of the fun here is browsing the stacks. If you have to be somewhere else later, make sure to set an alarm on your watch or phone. You're liable to lose all track of time at Dunaway.

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