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Do you remember your first bibliolove? You came across it at the library one lonely afternoon and were smitten. Before long you and the book were inseparable. You cradled it in your arms as you walked to school, clutched it beneath your desk during math class, shared your bed with it every night. You fixed anyone else who even looked at it with your best death glare. Eventually your ardor cooled and you found yourself embroiled in other, more fleeting passions. But years later you would be struck by a bout of nostalgia for the days when reading was still an innocent pleasure. Whatever became of that lost first love? Racked with guilt, you hurried back to the shelf where it first caught your eye, only to discover some strumpet with a sleek, shiny dust jacket. And what of your lost true love? Banishment to the library sale, where some undeserving person plunked down a quarter and carried it off to God knows where. Or maybe it's at Hammond's Antiques & Books. The whole place is redolent of dust and paper and old glue — the enchanting scent of your lost beloved. It's in here somewhere, amid the maze of bookcases that fill the shop: downstairs, upstairs, the staircase itself. A passionate reunion is imminent; you can feel it — that is, if your fickle heart isn't stolen by one of the thousands of other volumes waiting to catch your eye.

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