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Greater St. Louis Book Fair

Here's an existential dilemma: Can a store be a store if it has no walls or regular business hours but has existed for 60 years, stocks 1 million items and regularly turns a profit of more than $250,000 (which it donates to charity)? The inspiration for this question was this year's Greater St. Louis Book Fair, held the first weekend in May. We truly intended to give our dilemma the important philosophical consideration it deserved, but then we caught sight of all those tables laden with piles and piles of books in more than 150 categories, covering everything from mathematics to the occult, and we got distracted. To be more accurate, we fell into a state of pure bibliophilic ecstasy. So many books! So many things we didn't know we were dying to read until we picked them up! So many of them priced at five bucks or less! To hell with existential dilemmas. Our time, we decided, would be better served browsing through the enormous stash of books we hauled home. The question has been tabled. (That is, until the fair returns next spring.)

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