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The Book House

The joy of the used book store is in its mystery—you never know what you may find. And there isn't a used book store in town that has more mystery than the Book House. The classic example of "too much, too soon" (but in the best possible way), the Book House threatens to overwhelm first-time visitors with the sheer number of books that spill from every shelf in every room, including the basement. Stacks of books rise from the floor like stalagmites, partially blocking the shelves in both the History and Humanities (Religion, Mythology, New Age and Pet Care) rooms; the children's book section is a riot of classics both old and new; the science fiction room requires a ladder (or a very flexible back and excellent vision) in order to make out what's on the top shelf. But the old house in Rock Hill is that much better for its clutter and overstuffed nature. Every trip to the Book House begins with the feeling that literally any book one desires could be found here; every trip ends with the incredulous statement: "I can't believe I found this!" That mysterious transubstantiation of the soul should never disappear from the gentle art of book hunting.
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