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Dunaway Books

Given our druthers, we'd rather read than do most anything. We pore over books at cafés (witness the coffee-stained pages); we wake in the morning with half-read novels splayed on our bed. We read passages aloud to one another, because some writing is just too good not to share. And we think that Heaven probably looks a lot like Dunaway Books. Sure, we all love the satisfying spine-crack of a brand-new book, but there's also something to be said for used books, and that something is "yes, please!" Dunaway satisfies our literary lust with more than 80,000 titles, many of them long out of print. (Our most recent haul included a hard-to-find Philip Roth novel, a collection of popular '60s graffiti and a thick tome on the wherefores of exorcism.) The employees at Dunaway keep their bounty of books in impeccable order -- most likely because they have a lot of respect for what they sell. While many used book stores seem to employ the same organizational aesthetic as your crazy uncle's attic, Dunaway has three glorious levels of super-sensibly arranged books, and we love them all. Philosophy! Lingustics! Cookbooks! Absolutely badass home-design books from the 1970s! Book lovers, prepare to spend the good part of a day shuffling happily along Dunaway's hardwood floors, finding treasure after treasure.
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