Best Use of the Worst Cheese

House Salad

Welcome to Iron Chef St. Louis! All riiiight! Welcome to Battle Provel, featuring Cheese Challenger Brazie's, who'll duke it out with last year's winner, Joe Boccardi's! Can salad beat pizza? We're going to find out! OK, Brazie's appears to be chopping up lettuce, while on the other side, Boccardi's is tossing dough. Looks like our champ is sticking with its winning recipe. The challenger is looking to the Mayfair dressing standard—oh no, he's going to have to be more inventive if he wants to...wait! What's that? Prosciutto? Asiago? What's going on in Brazie's corner? This is truly an unprecedented use of Provel! Let's go to the judges: Whose cuisine reigns supreme? It is unanimous! Brazie's extraordinary handling of Provel has vanquished Boccardi's! We have a new champion!
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