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Pork Burger at Taste

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Somehow, somewhere, beef beat out all others as the ground meat of choice to place between a Kaiser roll. Bite into the gloriously succulent pork burger at Taste, let its juices drip down your hands and onto the plate, and you'll ask yourself why this is so. Taste uses eight ounces of 100 percent ground pork for its burger, then wraps it in caul fat to lock in all of the juices. The succulent patty gets topped with thick-cut bacon from Burgers' Smokehouse and melted cheddar cheese before being placed on a buttery brioche bun. There's no lettuce, tomato, onion or any other condiments to speak of. It's just meat, cheese and bread — the only garnish you'll need is one of the restaurant's topnotch cocktails. 4584 Laclede Avenue, St. Louis, 63108. 314-361-1200,
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