Best Use Of Obsolete Computers

8-Bit Construction Set

The 8-Bit Construction Set is an audio love letter to those heavenly early PCs: the Atari and the Commodore 64. Created in the form of a 12-inch record -- you know, an LP -- the release, put out by this city's best record label, Beige, is as much an art object as it is a record. One side is devoted to music created on an Atari, the other to music created on a C-64. Each side has a few different types of sound: a plethora of samples (a sound clip of an Atari commercial featuring Alan Alda; sound effects from Space Invaders, Missile Command and Defender; miscellaneous bleeps and blurts), locked grooves (a cut loop in the record that repeats ad infinitum, one of which is titled "The Levine Hat Store Loop" in honor of this city's best hat retailer) created using the computers are both rudimentary and futuristic, an original booty-shaking composition created on early computers and a file that, when transferred to a cassette (the storage device on the early PCs) launches a program. Combined, the 8-Bit Construction Set is an incredible object that both celebrates and examines anachronistic technology -- and, if you're of the DJ persuasion, will offer hours and hours of fun.
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