Best Use of Leftovers

La Dolce Via

A few years back, we declared La Dolce Via's Friday and Saturday dinners the city's "Best-Kept Secret (Restaurant Division)." And so they remain. (You, dear reader, can fix that!) But we're not here today to talk about those secret dinners. We're here to talk about the leftovers from those secret dinners, those succulent bits of sausage and cheese and fish and vegetables. What do you do with leftovers? You can eat them in the middle of the night. Or, if you own a restaurant, you can group them into imaginative combinations and mix them in with a couple of fresh eggs and a small heap of crisp, peppery cubed potatoes to make the best egg scramble in town. La Dolce Via serves at least three different egg scrambles at weekend brunch; their contents depend on what happens to be in the fridge from the night before, but there's always a vegetarian option. (Egg scrambles are, by their nature, non-vegan.) It's almost enough to inspire you to attempt something just as delicious with your own leftovers. Then you realize that's impossible: The leftovers had to be delicious to begin with.

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