Best Urban Bike Ride

Christy Green Trail

The River des Peres isn't known for being much more than a stinky, trash-strewn sewer and storm drain. And while it's hardly our city's most scenic waterway, it does serve as a guidepost to a fine, fairly flat bike trail through south St. Louis. A paved trail runs adjacent to River des Peres Boulevard, and a footbridge traverses the dirty little crick. From there, bikers can enjoy the Christy Green Trail, a short, shady roll through the backs of a few sleepy south-city neighborhoods. The trail dumps riders into the Holly Hills Bike Route, which runs east along Holly Hills Boulevard (via a dedicated bike lane) and continues on to Carondelet Park. The park has its own shaded trails for biking and walking and allows for a scenic tour of the charming neighborhood that borders the green space. Cobbled together, the various trails make for a leisurely ride through one of our fair city's many back pockets.

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