Best Urban Bike Ride


This city's blatant disregard for bicyclists makes any urban ride an adventure, but for those up to the challenge, we suggest the following route: From the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Russell Boulevard, head east down Russell to Seventh Street. This downhill leg is equipped with a designated bike lane and, in case you're thirsty, it passes at least a half-dozen watering holes as it slices through the heart of Soulard. Hang a right at Seventh and head south. A right on Lynch Street takes you cruising past the world's largest brewery. At Pestalozzi Street, you'll cross Interstate 55 and consider the option of celebrating the halfway point with a pit stop at the Venice Café. Now head south on Lemp Avenue toward the ruins of the old Lemp Brewery. At Cherokee Street, turn west and pass through the antique district -- not to mention more neighborhood bars, if you're still so inclined. When you hit Jefferson, head north; about a mile and a half later you'll find yourself back where you started. Wait for the peloton to catch up, or take a victory lap.
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