Best Underground Parking

Westfield Center

Mall parking is like an intergalactic war, what with many people battling over one space. They do things like wait for a car to pull out, even if it takes 10 minutes, so they can grab a choice spot. Underground parking has the connotation of being something secret or radical. We think it might be both, because every time we've visited Crestwood's Westfield Center we've been able to find a convenient space underground (technically it's not fully underground parking, more of a multileveled "indoor" lot). When it's raining, it's especially nice. Even then, the lot's still fairly vacant. Do you ever hate to leave somewhere because your parking space is so perfect? You'd just as soon stand by your car for 20 minutes, showing off your good luck in having it. We take it a step further: We go to the mall just to park, and while our car sits there resting, we figure we may as well kill some time at the stores.
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