Best Underground Club

Fred's Six Feet Under

Let's get one thing straight: Nothing has replaced or ever will replace the twang-punk-open-mic-PBR-and-a-shot glory hole that was Frederick's Music Lounge. Not even the new establishment, operated by celebrity tippler and Stag swiller Fred Friction, a genuinely underground (as in the basement of Iron Barley) bar that makes his former south-city establishment look like Lush. Cramped, damp, dark and as smoky as a Chesterfield-sponsored speakeasy from the '20s, Fred's the kind of place you could take your mom to — if your mom is Wanda Jackson. But the couches are comfy and the company friendly, and Friction has been using his connections to book acts such as Adam Reichmann and the Sins of the Pioneers, and to provide the Chippewa Chapel Open Mic a proper, divey home.

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