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Everyone in St. Louis knows Crown Candy Kitchen, and if they're lucky, they also know @kzieff, the Twitter persona of owner Andy Karandzieff. His tone would be best described as...gruff. It's not easy running one of the most popular restaurants in the city, but at the same time, Karandzieff knows those lines aren't going anywhere. That frees him up to be filterless when it comes to misbehaving patrons, or "idjits": "Lady says I found this large stone in my BLT/I coulda broke my tooth!/I wanna see the owner/Waitress says where's the rest of your ring at?" Or this classic: "Line jumpers/Slow eaters/Door holding open/Dirty table sitters/Just waiting for the separate check peeps." Occasionally someone will tweet back that he is ungrateful and unprofessional, to which we say, nonsense. Viewed as a body of work, @kzieff clearly has deep affection for his patrons, his little eatery and the city of St. Louis itself: "I'd like to say thank you Stl for loving us for 101 years now! Much love back at ya." The best part is that Karandzieff constantly keeps followers appraised of the wait time at Crown Candy. Every so often he'll tweet something to the effect of, "Where's my line?" Consider that the Crown Candy equivalent of a BLT bat signal.

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