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Patricia Bynes, a Democratic committeewoman from Ferguson, Tweets. A lot. It's often political, so not everybody is going to like what she's chirping about. But one time she did something unbeTweetable: She saved a freakin' kitten. "I was walking down the street & heard a cat meowing. It took me awhile to figure it out," her first Tweet read, accompanied by a photo of a sewer grate, with the words "DO NOT FEED CAT" spray-painted on the sidewalk above it. With probably less effort than it took that first person to scrawl orders to just let the kitty die, Bynes leaped into Twaction: "Who do I call to get the cat out? I'm downtown in the City & I'm not leaving this kitten trapped down there." Soon, friends came by to try to lure the poor thing out, and both the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District and St. Louis City Health Department (@YourMSD) were notified. Workers cracked open a manhole and found the little guy stuck in a sewer pipe. Even a rescue agency, Tenth Life Cats (@tenthlifecats), was notified via Twitter and found the cat a foster home. By the end of the ordeal, the kitten was vaccinated, adopted, and Bynes was able to pay her a visit. Naturally she Tweeted out the kitten's new name: Twitter.

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