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KETC-TV (Channel 9)

Believe it or not, there are people out there who still don't have HDTV or TiVo. More shocking still is the fact that some folks don't even have cable. It's crazy, we know. But somehow these unfortunate souls are able to survive and have televised educational opportunities like the rest of us — and we're not just talking about those lessons taught on infomercials. Thanks to KETC-TV (Channel 9), learning a little something while watching TV is easy: Donnybrook keeps St. Louisans up to date on local matters, Antiques Roadshow alerts us to the potential of valuable family heirlooms in our attic, Ask This Old House helps out around the house, and watching Globe Trekker is like vacationing from the sofa. Throw in NOVA scienceNOW and History Detectives, and that's one full veg-out viewing schedule. Fire up the VCR!

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