Best TV Station

KPLR-TV (Channel 11)

If you substitute the word "station" for "magazine," what Homer Simpson once said about Reader's Digest also holds true for the programming on KPLR-TV's CW 11: "It's not just one station, Marge; they take hundreds of stations, filter out the crap, and leave you with something that fits right in your front pocket." Channel 11's new fall lineup includes top-ranked sitcoms from FOX (Family Guy) and CBS (Two and a Half Men) while retaining blockbusters like America's Next Top Model and Everybody Hates Chris. Sure, after the merging of UPN and the WB last year, CW lost nearly half its viewership in the 18-to-34 demographic the two stations enjoyed independently. But that's small potatoes when you consider everything else the St. Louis affiliate has going for it: the most fashionable news anchors with the best names ever (Melanie Moon, Michelle Anselmo, we miss you Steve Draganchuk!), the kooky miSpin on their Web site, the encrypted music network (the Tube), the simple genius of The Fan Show. Yes, Homer, it's Reader's Digest in convenient TV form.
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