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My46 TV (WRBU-TV Channel 46)

Most recent TV news has focused on the new, awkwardly named "the CW," which debuted this month and combines programming from the old UPN and WB networks. The CW can be seen on our former WB affiliate, KPLR-TV (Channel 11), and its lineup features America's Next Top Model, 7th Heaven, Smallville and Everybody Hates Chris. In other words, the same old crap. Hardly anybody's pumped about the other new network in town, My46 TV, located on our former UPN affiliate, the Roberts brothers' WRBU-TV (Channel 46). Featuring programming from News Corp.'s My Network TV, its lineup appears to have been assembled by programmers tripping on acid. Prime-time English-language telenovelas with names like Desire and Secret Obsessions complement traditional black (My Wife and Kids, Girlfriends) and white (Still Standing, Scrubs) fare.<\f>Appealing to all races, of course, is<\f>Pat O'Brien's The Insider especially when correspondent and local Latin bombshell Victoria Recano is on the screen.<\f>Que caliente!
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