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KDNL-TV (Channel 30)

In the ongoing battle of local TV news teams, one station truly distinguishes itself: KDNL. The sleepy Sinclair station doesn't do this by hustling for scoops or hiring the hottest anchor ladies. Au contraire, mon frère: They refuse to do local news at all! Maligned by local media watchdogs, Channel 30's "No G'News Is Good G'News" attitude is brilliant in its silent acknowledgement that, generally speaking, local TV newscasts have become so intellectually irrelevant that they're simply not worth investing time, money and patience into. Better to point viewers to the printed word, NPR or 60 Minutes for heaping helpings of journalistic fiber. This frees up time for inimitable syndicated programming such as Brat Camp and regular-season National Basketball Association telecasts, staying true to KDNL's slogan: "St. Louis' Leader in Entertainment Programming."
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