Best TV News Anchor

Art Holliday

Art Holliday's the antithesis of Don Henley's "bubbleheaded bleach-blond...can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye." Even casual viewers of Today in St. Louis or NewsChannel Five at Noon have likely seen the anchor/executive producer's perfectionist nature unfold live on camera, most notably when there's a technical glitch that threatens to send him into a full-blown meltdown. And yet he doesn't succumb, thanks in no small part to his co-anchor Jennifer Blome, the ever-calming yin to his fiery yang. Ah, if only everyone shared Holliday's passion for the region and the station he's called home for the last three-plus decades: This month he took time out of his schedule to speak at his alma mater for the Missouri School of Journalism's centennial anniversary, and he's putting the finishing touches on his film about Johnnie Johnson, Johnnie Be Good, which he hopes to release in the coming months.

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