Best TV News Anchor

Dick Ford

Mick Jagger once said that fellow Rolling Stone Charlie Watts had a face that blossomed at 60 -- that the drummer's carved, sophisticated features seemed to mature at a late age, turning the odd-looking younger Watts into an incredibly handsome senior. The same can be said of Fox 2's Dick Ford, who has been an anchorman since 1957. He's aged so well that he looks better in his 60s than he did at 40 (even if his haircut is identical). So he looks good, always a plus in television. And his years of experience add weight to his declarations. When he says, in his steady baritone, that murders are down but car thefts are up in St. Louis, we trust him because he was there when the inverse was true. Even when he's swallowing his pride to report on the newest fad diet or to toss a softball to a know-nothing field reporter, Ford treats his viewers with respect. He's earned nothing less than the same in return.
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