Best TV News Anchor

Kathryn Jamboretz
KPLR-TV (Channel 11)

Kathryn Jamboretz is not made of porcelain. She is not a size-zero princess who chews out cameramen and demands a chilled bottle of Pellegrino and a foot massage before each newscast. The spunky anchor's self-professed philosophy is to "live where you drink." She's anything but a diva, and she can hold forth on politics and an array of in-the-moment topics for hours at the corner bar. (Drink with her once and you'll be looking forward to the next opportunity.) Out of the box, she's the real deal. Working the cosmetic clutch on a hipped-up newscast that makes nonconformity the rule of the day, the Webster Groves native knows when to goof and when to furrow the brow for a serious segment. Enjoy Jamboretz while you can. The Tribune Company recently snapped up KPLR, and young talent like this rarely sticks around the Lou for long.
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